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Waterhouse Gallery

La Arcada Courtyard

1114 State Street, #9, Santa Barbara CA 93101
phone: 805-962 8885 cell: 805-452-1062



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Gallery Hours
Open Mon-Sat 11am-5pm
Closed Sunday

 Established in 1984...

Waterhouse Gallery was established in 1984 by Diane Waterhouse.

In 1991 the Gallery moved to its present location in La Arcada Plaza on the
1100 Block of State Street in the heart of Santa Barbara's Cultural Arts District..

Waterhouse Gallery is close to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the historic Courthouse and is
surrounded by first class restaurants with good parking in nearby City Lots.

The Gallery represents some of the finest painters from Santa Barbara
and the Western States and many are members of the California Art Club
and Oil Painters of America.

Waterhouse Gallery offers its clients, work by artists who reflect the
highest standards of quality and integrity within their chosen fields of painting.

The works shown in our website depict our entire inventory, which is constantly changing.

Meet Diane Waterhouse

Read an article in Plein Magazine

If you have any questions please contact Diane and she will try to help in
any way she can. 805-962-8885 mobile 805-886-2988
Please call 805-962-8885 or 805-886-2988
or e-mail for information or to be put on our mailing list
Waterhouse Gallery does not purchase artwork.

Waterhouse Gallery gives appraisals
only on pieces previously purchased from the gallery.

Waterhouse Gallery reviews portfolios by appointment or by

Peter Adams
Rebecca Arguello

Bela Bacsi
Aldo Balding
Ovanes Berberian
Ann Shelton Beth

Suchitra Bhosle
George Bodine
Gerard Boersma
Ken Cadwallader
Rosanne Cerbo

Eli Cedrone
Casey Childs
CM Cooper

John Cosby
Steven Curry
Nancy Davidson
Rick Delanty
Camille Dellar
Gil DiCicco

Ellie Freudenstein
Rick Garcia
Douglas Gray
Alexander Chistov
Trent Gudmundsen
Michael A. F Gumbert

Derek Harrison
Wyllis Heaton
Quang Ho

Ray Hunter
Sung Eun Kim
Chuck Kovacic
Irene Kovalik 
Mark Laguë
Jean LeGassick
Jeremy Lipking

Yingzhao Liu
Kyle Ma
Jim McVicker
Carolyn Meyer

John Modesitt
Stan Moeller

Doug Morgan
Anna Nelson
Craig Nelson
Marci Oleszkiewicz

Simon Pasini
Richard Murdock
Jesse Powell
Pauline Roche
Ann Sanders
Sharon Schock
Michael Siegel
Burton Silverman

Mian Situ
Eric Slayton
Matt Smith
Antonio Solar

Ezra Suko
Hsin-Yao Tseng
Thomas Van Stein
Albin Veselka
Jove Wang
Nina Warner

Ralph Waterhouse
Zhaoming Wu
Ni Zhu