Available Paintings from a Collector's Estate
R.A. Heichberger
"Late Fall'
20 x 14 Original Watercolor Painting $1975
Richard Heichberger
 "Winter's Here"
11 x 14 Original Watercolor Painting $1600
Richard Heichberger


  Richard was born in Eden, New York.

While in elementary school, he attended an
Andrew Wyeth exhibit at the Buffalo Museum of Fine Art,
where he became interested in art.

After high school graduation, he attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Technical Institute.

His art career was put on hold when he
joined the Marine Corps in 1965.

After receiving his discharge form the Corps,
he settled in Orange County where he continued
practicing his painting techniques while working full time.
During this period he also attended and graduated
from Santa Ana College with an associate degree in
wildlife management.

As a single parent, he imparted his love of the outdoors
to his daughter.
He spent a number of years living and working in Big Bear, CA.

While pursuing his art career, he spent time teaching
at a Junior college and working for Disney, Bear Animation, Warner Brothers and Landmark Entertainment.

Now he works full time as an artist.

His inspiration comes from the beauty of the landscapes
and wildlife of the desert and canyons of Arizona and the mountains of California, Wyoming and Colorado.

He paints his experiences.
His work is filled with a sense of harmony,
peace and beauty.


 Lisa Danielle
5 x 8 Original Watercolor Painting $975
Lisa Danielle Lorimer
   "Boots & Brands"
4 x 8 Original Watercolor Painting $675
Lisa Danielle
    "Step in Time"
4 x 8 Original Watercolor Painting $675
Lisa Danielle

Lisa Danielle

"A foremost western still life artist preserves history."

Over the years Lisa Danielle has built up a diverse
collection of historic memorabilia.
She tells a story about her great-grandmother who taught school on the San Carlos Apache reservation
in southern Arizona:
"As a token of their affection, the Indians gave my great-grandmother a number of wonderful things, including baskets and pottery.
She left them to my grandmother who just stored
them in her attic. My grandmother eventually
showed them to me, and they took my breath away.

It was as if those things had been waiting just for me.

That bit of history gives me a special connection
to the objects I use in my work. Born of artist parents, Lisa started her art career early.
She now lives on the outskirts of the beautiful artist community in Sedona, Arizona.
Her western lifestyle compliments her knowledge
of the Native American cultures and western heritage portrayed in her paintings.
Her renderings captivate the viewer with
their overall richness of design, dramatic light
and subtle detail.

Lisa's work is featured at:
Favell's Museum of Art and Artifacts
in Klamath Falls, Oregon


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