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 Butterfly Beach
18 x 29 Original Oil Painting
20 x 30 Original Oil Painting
 Spring Vista from Ortega Hill
8 x 12 Oil $1500
Moonrise and Fog Butterfly Beach
18 x 24 Oil $3250 

  Wild Flowers Carrizo Plains
16 x 20 Oil SOLD
Summer Moonrise from Mountain Drive
19 x 24 Oil $3250
Windswept Surf Miramar Beach
9 x 12 Oil $1575
Autumn Sunset Sketch
6 x 12 Oil $1350 
 Late Winter Moonrise, Hammonds Beach
9 x 12 Oil $1575
  East Beach with Fog
10 x 14 Oil $1800
 Goleta Beach Winter
7 x 12 Oil $1425
  Wolf Moonrise Over Butterfly Beach
10 x 17 Oil $2000
  Cliffs at Rancho Dangermond
9 x 12 Oil $1575
Moonset Sketch
8 x 10 Oil $1350
 Winter Day East Beach
9 x 16 Oil $1900
  Afterglow Butterfly Beach
14 x 18 Oil $2400
 Winds of Time
60 x 84 Oil $18500
Summer Moonrise Ortega Hill
11 x 14 Oil $2200 
Afternoon Light Butterfly Beach
9 x 12 Oil $1500 
  Moonrise Over Fog
9.5 x 15 Oil $1800
Moonrise from Ledbetter Beach
12 x 16 Oil $2400
Santa Barbara Coastline
6 x 12 Oil $1100
  Winter Moonrise from Shoreline Park
10 x 14 Oil $1800
  Moonrise and High Tide Butterfly Beach
14 x 11 Oil $1900
Winter Light Santa Barbara Coast
9 x 14 Oil $1800


 Vista of Santa Barbara Bay
9 x 16 Oil $2000
   Loon Point from Ortega Hill
6 x 8 Oil $500
    Loon Point from Summerland Beach
6 x 8 Oil $500

  Passing Storm Over Santa Barbara
6 x 8 Oil $500
  Loon Point from Summerland Beach
9 x 12 Oil SOLD
  Vista from San Marcos Preserve
20 x 36 Oil SOLD
  Santa Barbara Mission
22 x 28 Oil $4500
Last Trolley Out
24 x 24 Oil $3900
 Midday Butterfly Beach
6 x 9 Oil $700
  April Moonrise Carpinteria Beach
9 x 12 Oil $1500
 Winter Moonset, Butterfly Beach
10 x 14 Oil $1900


Moonlight Surf Arroyo Burro Beach
22 x 28 Oil $4800
Cliffs at Shoreline
10 x 7 Oil $1100
Butterfly Beach
9 x 12 Oil $1350
Carpinteria Bluffs, High Tide
8 x 10 Oil $1100
 Sunset Glow Loon Point
9 x 12 Oil $1400
Path to the Mission
16 x 12 Oil $2200

Hunters Moonrise
12 x 24 Oil $2800
  Autumn Day, Lune Point
9 x 12 Oil $1500
 Hazy Days of Spring
14 x 12 Oil $1500
Morning Light, Presidio
12 x 14 Oil SOLD
 Summer's Day Stearn's Wharf
12 x 10 Oil SOLD

  Winter Moonrise from Shoreline
9 x 12 Oil SOLD


 Lark Arrives, Santa Barbara
14 x 20 Oil SOLD
August Moon
12 x 19 Oil SOLD

  Sunset Butterfly Beach
24 x 36 Oil SOLD

   Butterfly Beach Vista
36 x 72 Oil SOLD
   Wet Wednesday, Santa Barbara
20 x 36 Oil SOLD

  Old Nojoqui Barn (Folded Hills)
9 x 12 Oil SOLD
 Santa Barbara Mission Winter
16 x 20 Oil SOLD
  August Moon
12 x 19 Oil SOLD


Spring View from Hammonds
6 x 12 Oil SOLD

   Evening Star, Fiesta Pequena
24 x 36 Oil SOLD
    Carrizo Plains
10 x 16 Oil SOLD

 Summer Moonrise from Shoreline Park
24 x 30 Oil SOLD
  Sunny Day, Bird Refuge
8 x 10 Oil SOLD
16 x 12 Oil SOLD 
 Winter Moonrise from Hammonds Meadow 18 x 24 Oil SOLD
  Winter Sunset Ledbetter Beach 6 x 9 Oil SOLD
Cold Moon Rising 12 x 16 Oil SOLD
Summer Sunset Butterfly Beach 14 x 18 Oil SOLD
Lunar Eclipse Rising 12 x 18 Oil SOLD
Winter Moonrise East Beach
8 x 12 Oil SOLD
 Plaza Rubio 12 x 16 Oil SOLD
 Moonrise in August 12 x 12 Oil SOLD 
 Funk Zone at Dusk 12 x 12 Oil SOLD
Born in Pasadena, California - 1961. Thomas Van Stein received his Bachelor's degree in Illustration, and graduated with high honors from Cal State University, Northridge, in 1984. He then furthered his education attending Pasadena Art Center College of Design. He received his Master's Degree in Art from CSUN, in 1999.

As a fine artist, Van Stein has involved himself in over 160 exhibitions of his paintings; both in one-man shows and group exhibitions. He has won numerous awards for his paintings in various Southern California-based juried art exhibitions; Two-First Place awards, 1994 Catalina Island Arts Festival. First Prize, Santa Barbara Semana Nautica Arts Competition.

Thomas was awarded Best of Show in the 1997 National
Juried Arts Competition at the Abend Gallery, in Denver, Colorado, juried by renowned artist, Quang Ho.

While a majority of Van Stein's paintings are painted on location in daylight, his forte is painting Nightscapes - or "nocturnes", en plein air. Van Stein's nocturnal paintings were featured both on the cover and in the November 1997 issue of "The Artist's Magazine"; in an article he wrote entitled, "Capture the Energy of the Night;" a "how to" approach to painting nocturnes.

Thomas was featured in the April 1998 issue of Southwest Art Magazine, as one of six American Artists who are focusing on painting nocturnes. He was listed as an, "Artist to Watch" in the December 1998 issue, and nocturnes from his Master's thesis exhibition, "Burning the Midnight Oil" were featured in the August 1999 issue of Southwest Art Magazine under, "Best of the West."

Thomas received First Prize in 2 dimensional painting at the Classic Art Competition, 2001, sponsored by the Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard California, and First Prize for his artwork at the 2001 Santa Barbara Art Walk. He was one of eight Finalists being considered for a one man show, in the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum-2002, an event jurored by noted Los Angeles Times Art Critic David Pagel.

Thomas was chosen to be the featured artist for the annual Lotusland Foundation benefit gala, 2002, and the 2003 Director's Choice Award for the Carnegie Art Museum Classic Competition. He is the winner of the 2003 Individual Artist Award for Santa Barbara County, sponsored by the Santa Barbara Arts Fund.

As a teacher, Thomas has taught art through the S.B.C.C. Continuing Education Program for thirty years. He has taught workshops in Mexico, and nationally through the Scottsdale Artists School, as well as Plein Air Painting Nocturne workshops through the Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard California, Van Stein is a thirty-year member of "The O.A.K. Group". This group has dedicated itself to promoting the preservation of landscapes as open space.

Thomas is an Artist Member in the California Art Club, also a member of Oil Painters of America.


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Mission San Carlos, Carmel
9 x 12 Oil

Garden Path
10 x 8 Oil

East Beach Sunset
7 x 10 Oil

Clarence Hinkle's View
9 x 12 Oil

Carpinteria Moonset
16x12 Oil

Montecito Hills 11 x 14 Oil SOLD

Autumn Light, Bird Refuge
18 x 24 Oil

Moonrise over
10 x 7 Oil

Harvest Moon
9 x 12 Oil


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