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Waterhouse Gallery
Anniversary Exhibition Preview
Opening November 19th
Celebrating 32 Years as a Fine Art Gallery - Representing today's finest representational Artists

Anniversary Web Page will be available fo Preview by the 15th Nov at the latest.

Peter Adams
Carolyn Anderson
Jonathan Ahn
Bela Bacsi
Phil Beck
Suchita Bhosle
George Bodine
Casey Childs
Alexander Chistov
CM Cooper

John Cosby 
James Crandell
Nancy Davidson
Camille Dellar
Rommel De La Torre
Jacob Dhein
Ellie Freudenstein
Rick Garcia
Adrian Gottlieb
Trent Gudmundsen

Cynthia Hamilton
Ray Hunter
Brent Jensen
Scott Kiche
Sung Eun Kim
Andre Kohn
Han Jong Lee
Calvin Liang
Kyle Ma
Jesse Mangerson

Stan Moeller
John Modesitt
Doug Morgan
Terry Miura
Craig Nelson
Karen Offutt
Mary Qian
Simon Pasini
Stephanie Rew
Pauline Roche
Jason Sacran
Ann Sanders
Kate Sammons
Molly Schmid
Michael Siegel
Mian Situ
Eric Slayton
Matt Smith
Thalia Stratton
Ezra Suko

Hsin-Yao Tseng
Vladimir Volegov
Jove Wang
Ralph Waterhouse
Pamela Wilson
Lu Yu





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Waterhouse Gallery
La Arcada, 1114 State Street, Suite 9, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
phone: 805-962 8885

email: art@waterhousegallery.com

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Gallery Hours - Daily 11am to 5pm

The Waterhouse Gallery specializing in Plein-air landscape, figurative and still life paintings
by leading California artists.Waterhouse Gallery has a fine selection of Original Oil and Watercolor Paintings
by award winning artists from the Western states including the Santa Barbara Regions.

* The Waterhouse Gallery does not purchase artwork.
* The Waterhouse Gallery gives appraisals only on pieces previously purchased from the gallery.