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Rick Garcia

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 Kelp on Shoreline 11 x 29 Oil $4300 
 Varigated Agarve 11 x 29 Triptych Oil $4700 
  Morning Fog at Shoreline 12 x 16 Oil $2300 
 Storm's Aftermath 16 x 16 Oil $2100 
  Agave & Aloes at Lotusland 12 x 12 Oil $1750 
 Foamy Water 12 x 12 Oil  $2100
  Mission Agaves 12 x 12 Oil   $1950
 Hard Shadows, Agave 16 x 12 Oil  $1600
  Thunder Over the Channel Islands 30 x 30 Oil SOLD
 Pink Cloud 12 x 16 Oil SOLD
  Magnolia Dreamscape 30 x 24 Oil SOLD


Franchesci Dusk
8 x 6 Oil $750
 Agaves at Los Canoas 10 x 8 Oil  SOLD    


Wind Blown 12 x 9 Oil  $1000

 Rick is an award winning Santa Barbara based artist who works in oils
on both canvas and board. He recieved formal training in biological illustration at
California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland Ca. Born in 1953 he spent his early years
soaking up the beauty of the Northern California's back country near
his grandparent's ranch in Sebastapol, California.

The vision of those undeveloped vistas has remained strong throughout the years
and is still to date a strong influence in his work.

Relying on a love of nature, an interest in the California Plein Air movement as well as
commercial training in realism he has created a unique blend of style and vision.

University of California at Berkeley, 1973 to 1977.
Bachelor of Arts Degreein Conservation of Natural Resources.

California College of Arts and Crafts, 1979 to 1981
majoring in design/ illustration.
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Aloe. Winter Solstice
30 x 14 Oil

Patron Silver
28 x 18 Oil

23 x 15 Oil

The Mentor
10 x 8 Oil

Wet Sand at Thousand Steps
16 x 16 Oil


Jennifer's Aloes in Bloom
8 x 8 Oil

Golden Aloe
10 x 8 Oil

The Dance
36 x 36 Oil


Oak off Jalama
8 x 8 Oil

Ploughed Clouds,

20 x 10 Oil

Shoreline Glow
16 x 12 Oil

Early Winter Morning,
14 x 14 Oil SOLD

Montecito Cypress
16 x 8 Oil

Fields near Lompoc
11 x 14 Oil

Syncopated Rhythm
14 x 14 Oil


Varigated Agave
15 x 37 Oil

Shoreline Mirror
6 x 12 Oil

Hiking the Jesusita Trail
14 x 29 Oil

Moonlit Sunset
14 x 29 Oil

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