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Ray Hunter 
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   Steps to Shoreline 20 x 26 Watercolor $2800

   San Diego Harbor 20 x 16 Watercolor $1950
 Goleta Beach Sunshine 12 x 9 Watercolor $975
 Kay D in Morning Light 18 x 14 Watercolor $1750
Presidio Guardians 12 x 10 Watercolor $1100
 Evening Gold, Goleta Slough 13 x 27 Watercolor $2800
 Incoming Tide Ledbetter Point 12 x 12 Watercolor $1200
   Low Tide at Shoreline 13 x 12 Watercolor $1250
 Incoming Tide Leadbetter 10 x 16 Watercolor $1150
Devereux Slough 14 x 9 Watercolor $1050
 Courthouse Bloom 10 x 8 Watercolor $875
 Winter Light 12 x 12 Watercolor $1200
 Lazy Afternoon 12 x 12 Watercolor $1150
 Got an Itch 9 x 12 Watercolor $975
 Pick of at Home 12 x 9 Watercolor $975
 Side by Side 9 x 12 Watercolor $975
 Stroll at Moonstone Beach 11 x 14 Watercolor $1050
 Looking for Food 8 x 20 Watercolor $975
 Waves off Gaviota 8 x 20 Watercolor $975
 Afternoon Glow, Arlington Tower 12x9 Watercolor $975
 Wall Hanging 8 x 8 Watercolor $650
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Presidio, Santa Barbara
18 x 13 Watercolor

Distant Sails
14 x 17 Watercolor

Fallen Tree
8 x 8 Watercolor

Ready at Center
12 x 9 Watercolor


Got Dad's Ears
12 x 12 Watercolor

Wait Your Turn
12 x 19 Watercolor

Got an Itch
8 x 8 Watercolor


Below Shoreline Study
10 x 8 Watercolor

14 x 18 Watercolor

Winter Shadows
8 x 8 Watercolor

Beach Stroll
8 x 8 Watercolor


Santa Barbara Courthouse

19 x 11 Watercolor

Low Tide
8 x 8 Watercolor

Ledbetter at Low Tide
15 x 19 Watercolor


Haunted (A Study In Beauty)
16 x 12 Watercolor

21 x 16 Watercolor

Ray was born and raised in Montana. He lived in the Pacific
Northwest for many years where he started his professional art career.
Ray moved to Santa Barbara in 1997. He is known for his wonderful
textural watercolors which capture the essence of each subject he paints.
His work has captured the eye and the heart of his collectors and we are
proud to present his latest collection of new paintings.

Ray is a Signature Member of California Watercolor Association.
American Society of Marine Artists.
Artist Member of California Art Club.

Eastern Montana College (1971)--Art Education
Private Studies and Workshops: Alvaro Castagnet, Joseph Bohler,
Jerry Stitt, Deanne Lemley, Charles Reid, and William Ryan

SCAPES Honorable Mention (2002)
Winsor Newton Award (2002) Central Coast Watercolor Society
Samena Nautica (1998) Honorable Mention, (1999) Third Place, (2004)
First Place Santa Barbara Art Walk Award of Merit,
Honorable Mention (1998, 2001)
Foss Maritime Calendar--1994 and 1997
Edmonds Art Festival (1984)--Gracie MacKay Award
Kindred Gallery (1983)--People's Choice Award
Tacoma Boat Show (1984)--Honorable Mention
Mercer Island Art Festival (1983)--Honorable Mention

  If you are interested in purchasing a painting or learning more
about Ray Hunter's work please contact the
Waterhouse Gallery by
phone: 805.962.8885 or email: art@waterhousegallery
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