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Wyllis Heaton Waterhouse Gallery
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Blue Cove Gaviota
24x30 Oil

Old Friend Noyo
9 x 12 Oil

The Press Gang
11 X 14 Oil  

South Portal Santa Barbara Courthouse
8 X 10 Oil

Ancient Fishing Fleet, Santa Barbara
12 X 16 Oil


Bluefish Cove
9 x 12 Oil


California Hills
9 x 12 Oil SOLD

Umbrellas at Pingyao
9 X 12 Oil


Amarillo Iglacia
8 X 8 Gouache 

Old Friends Noyo
12 x 16 Oil

Spring, Montecito
9 X 12 Oil SOLD

Tide Hotel Pingyao

 Red House, Venice
9 X 12 Oil SOLD

Anacapa Emerald
18 x 24 Oil

Montecito Peak
24 X 30 Oil SOLD

Moonrise Over Santa Barbara
14 X 18 Oil SOLD 


Downtown Santa Barbara
9 x 12 Oil SOLD




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Mercantile Mistress
9 X 12 Oil SOLD


24 x 30 Oil SOLD


Montecito Foothills
24 x 30 Oil SOLD


Wyllis Heaton (born in Pasadena CA. 1976) is an award winning Plein Air landscape painter as well as a licensed landscaping designer based in Santa Barbara CA.

Growing up in Pasadena, Wyllis was influenced by William Stout, a famous illustrator who lived nearby and whose art studio he often visited. After graduating from high school, Wyllis studied at the University of California in Santa Barbara where he developed a love for the Santa Barbara region and a passion for its wide range of iconic landscapes.

In 2002 Wyllis earned a degree in illustration from Pasadena’s Art Center. He went on to teach for 6 years at the California Art Academy in San Gabriel where his weekend classes were very well attended.

Despite travelling extensively to paint landscapes in other locales, Santa Barbara has been his permanent home since 2007. Wyllis is currently building his portfolio of original artworks while also designing gardens, fountains and exterior details in Santa Barbara.

Wyllis Heaton can often be found at art shows creating and exhibiting his works. He enjoys the Plein Air setting for painting and the challenge of capturing the ephemeral beauty of the rapidly changing landscapes.


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