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 Mark Laguë  Waterhouse Gallery

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Flat Iron After the Rain
36 x 24 Oil


Helmsley in the Afternoon
20 x 20 Oil


42nd Street Night Reflections
36 x 24 Oil

Chase Bank
20 x 20 Oil

Late Afternoon Manhatten
36 x 24 Oil   


Double Decker in the Rain
11 x 11 Oil 


San Francisco Sun Shower
24 x 24 Oil

Columbus Avenue, San Francisco
24 x 36 Oil

Manhattan Sun after Rain
24 x 36 Oil

Sacre Coeur, Paris
11 x 11 Oil 


 New York Steam
11 x 11 Oil

Golden Gate Afternoon
16 x 24 Oil

Through New York Rain
8 x 8 Oil

Michigan Avenue at Night
24 x 36 Oil 


Night in New York
8 x 8 Oil SOLD

The Helmsley Building
20 x 24 Oil   SOLD


After the Rain
16 x 16 Oil

Montreal Snow
24 x 24 Oil


San Francisco Whites
36 x 36 Oil SOLD


New York City Buses
16 x 20 Oil

In the Rain
36 x 36 Oil SOLD 

New York City Red Umbrella
8 x 8 Oil SOLD

London in the Rain
24 x 42 Oil


Taxi Reflections
8 x 8 Oil SOLD

Night Cabs
20 x 20 Oil



Boat on the Thames
11 x 11 Oil SOLD 

Flatiron in the Sun
24 x 20 Oil   SOLD


Through the New York Rain
8 x 8 Oil SOLD

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Mark Laguë

Mark Laguë has developed an international reputation and has won numerous awards both in his native Canada and in the United States. "A dedicated painter of light, Mark Laguë was born in Lachine, Quebec in 1964. Mark has had a fascination with drawing since childhood, a skill he practices constantly, even to this day. Upon graduation from Concordia University in Design, Mark embarked on a 13-year career in the animation industry, working primarily as a background designer and art director. During this time, despite working full time, Mark began receiving international acclaim for his watercolor paintings through competitions, juried shows, and solo exhibitions. In 2000 Mark switched to oil as his primary medium, and in 2002 made the jump to full time painter. Mark is a realist, open to virtually all subject matter. What keeps him excited about painting is his endless quest to simplify and get to the essence of whatever he paints."

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