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Ovanes Berberian
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Big Wood River - Sun Valley   
Original Oil Painting 27 x 27 Oil $12,000 
  Paniloa Country
Original Oil Painting 18 x 24 Oil $6400
Original Oil Painting 16 x 20 Oil $5600
Spring Fields in Burgundy
Original Oil Painting 12 x 24 $5200
Burgundy Greens
Original Oil Painting 12 x 24 $5200
 View to Pacific
Original Oil Painting 8 x 16 $2400
Original Oil Painting 9 x 12 $2400
   November Sunset
Original Oil Painting 8 x 10 $2200
 Evening Lights
Original Oil Painting 9 x 12 $2400
Original Oil Painting 6 x 8 $2200
Evening Light on the Pacific
Original Oil Painting 6 x 8 $2200
 Big Island
Original Oil Painting 8 x 10 $2200
  Available in our Montecito Gallery


Born in Russian Armenia, Ovanes Berberian received his primary art education under the guidance of his father who was an important Russian artist, a member of the Armenian Artists' Society, as well as a theatrical set designer and college art professor.

It was in this environment, studying at his father's art school, Ovanes Berberian achieved a significant portion
of his art education. In the summer of 1977, following his father's death, the young Ovanes and his three brothers and mother emmigrated to the United States, settling
in California.

In 1981, Ovanes Berberian was awarded a scholarship
to study with the late master painter and noted teacher, Sergei Bongart.

"I was influenced by Sergei more than any other artist. He led me in the direction I needed to go, it was like a light bulb finally came on".

Ovanes' painting style is easily recognizable by his confident blend of color and brush work as depicted in
his dramatic landscapes and still lifes.




One of the shining stars in American art, Ovanes
is a nationally renowned teacher and Plein air artist who has been at the forefront of the American art scene for many years.

His deep understanding of hue, value and color relationships make him sought after not only by collectors, but by students who come from near and far for a chance to attend one of Berberian's workshops.

A plein aire purist, he elects to paint on location, inspired by a more direct confrontation with his subject.

He states unequivocally that in painting the most important thing is color harmony.

Ovanes' use of color, combined with his dynamic, painterly style, makes each landscape and still life come alive striking a chord deep within the viewer.

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