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Lucas Bononi
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Pink Mug 16 x 16 Oil $1750
 Recipe 17 x 13 Oil $1450
 Blue Kettle 6 x 6 Oil $425  Sunbeam 6 x 6 Oil SOLD  White Mixer 6 x 6 Oil SOLD
 Lantern 6 x 6 Oil $425  Green Door Lock 6 x 6 Oil $425

 Fan 6 x 6 Oil $425
 Sander 6 x 6 Oil $425  Two Coffee Pots 6 x 6 Oil $425  Slot Machine 6 x 6 Oil $425

 Gumball Machine 6 x 6 Oil $425

 Lucas Bononi

Lucas Bononi is a California based still life and figurative painter.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Lucas splits his time between
San Francisco, where he is earning his BFA in painting at the
Academy of Art University, and Argentina, where he teaches

Lucas’ work explores the mystery of technology vs. human through
discovery and interaction.
His contemporary dreamlike compositions explore the moment when
the subject is about to discover a truth.

Having studied art since a young age Lucas found a love for oil
painting and is his primary medium.
He is constantly looking for subjects and objects that inspire him
use his vision and create his distinctive paintings.
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