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George Bodine
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 The German Girl 18 x 24 Oil $3800
 Anniversary 30 x 24 Oil $6400
 Passage, Rialto 24 x 18 Oil $3800
 Monique 24 x 18 Oil $3800
 Ghost in the Mirror 12 x 16 Oil $1700
  Heather 18 x 14 Oil $2400
 Ghosts 16 x 12 Oil $1700
 December's Breath 16 x 12 Oil $1700
 Dark Earth 36 x 18 Oil $5800
 His Scent 9 x 12 Oil $900
 Burning 12 x 9 Oil $1700
 Carnival Venice 9 x 12 Oil $900
 Cool June 12 x 16 Oil $900
 Traveller 12 x 16 Oil $1700 SOLD
 A Glow 12 x 9 Oil $900 SOLD

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George Bodine paints landscapes, cityscapes and people.

Recently, he has been travelling extensively in Europe and his paintings reflect his unique vision here and abroad.

He paints almost exclusively in oils, many of which are from small, niche manufacturers.
George often hand stretches Belgian linen sized with rabbit skin glue and primed with white lead, techniques dating from the 16th. century.

Recently he is painting on sun bleached Belgian linen, again primed with white lead, but glued to either sealed Birch board, or archival quality Artist's board.

He had never had an art lesson, and his distinct vision, coupled with careful, proven techniques ensure that his work will be permanent and able to be handed down within families or collections
over centuries.
  George Bodine's goal is to produce work that will transcend time. His subject matter, and especially style or "voice" in painting, is unique.

His varied subjects keep him from being labeled as coming from one type or genre of painting. Consequently, his work is owned by diverse collectors varying from a U.S. Senator, a contemporary Art Museum, and a U.S. Embassy, in addition to hundreds of collectors in the U.S. and Europe.

He will often work on a series of paintings, only to stop suddenly, sometimes to never return to the subject again.

Although George has been reclusive by nature in associating with living artists and organizations, recently he did approach and was immediately accepted into the Oil Painters of America.

Additionally, he has held 10 consecutive one man shows, almost all of which have sold out.
National OPA selection 2014 National Eastern OPA selection 2014
Honorable Mention OPA Online competition 2014
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