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Ralph Waterhouse 
Waterhouse Gallery

 Originally from England, Ralph Waterhouse is a painter
and Gallery owner whose paintings have been described
as having a feeling of serenity which reflects his love
of the natural environment.

His work has been featured in articles in leading Art magazines'
He was featured BBC Television in England,
leading to international recognition.

Ralph has participated in many one-man and group shows
in United States and Europe, many of which
have raised money for environment.

In the early 90's Ralph was asked by the
British Consul in Los Angeles to present Margaret Thatcher
with one of his paintings as a memory of her visit to California.

Ralph has several Large commissions of the Santa Barbara
landscapein the main and San Roque branch of Union Bank .

Ralph owns and operates the Waterhouse Gallery
in Santa Barbara, representing other fine artists work
alongside his own oil paintings.

The late afternoon and early morning sunlight have
a special quality which Ralph loves to capture on canvas
and he spends as much time painting
"en plein-air" as possible.


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