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Yingzhao Liu Waterhouse Gallery
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Cherries on a Plate
18 x 14 Oil SOLD

Yingzhao Liu  

Yingzhao Liu is one of China’s best known realist painters. Working in a style that is most accurately described as “Magical Realism,” Liu reaches for a sense of heightened reality in each painting. He paints still lifes of classical antiquities, which are
depicted against decorative backgrounds.
Liu was born in 1956 in Heilongjang province and drew as a child. He received a B.A. in Oil Painting at Harbin Normal University and a Masters degree of Fine Arts at Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, China. In 2000 he attained professorship and taught the Mastery of Oil Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design at Tianjian University.

Liu has had numerous paintings auctioned by both Christie’s of Hong Kong and Butterfields of
San Francisco. His work has been featured in
numerous art publications such China Oil Paintings, American Art Collector, Art of The West,
Art Observer and Northern Art. His beautiful highly rendered paintings have been in major Exhibitions in America, Taiwan, Indonesia, Macco, Japan,
England and Malaysia. His achievements have been widely reported by newspaper, television and radio throughout China.

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