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Javier Seanz Pedrosa
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 A Walk on the Beach 21 x 32 Oil
Javier Pedrosa
(Spanish-Born 1967)

 Javier Saenz Pedrosa was born in Palencia in north western Spain and in 1967 moved to Madrid where he attended college while following his artistic career.
He held his first exhibit along with his brother Fernando in the city of Leon also in northern Spain.

Since 1966 he has been showing his work at the fine art galleries of Castello 120 in Madrid and Echeberria in
San Sebastian.

Javier Pedrosa's female figures are the center of attention with his works overflowing with sensitivity and pleasure.

  Javier has a wonderful artistic talent, expressing harmony, structure, depth and tonalities in his work.

He displays professional maturity as a painter and his coloration expresses his skill with tonalities that are subtle and always coherent with the subject matter.

Javier combines all these talents with the difficult easiness that only a true artist possesses.
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