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K.Gavin Brooks
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 Hill Country Rain 30 x 40 Oil $7500
 Spring Greens 20 x 24 Oil $2450
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K. Gavin Brooks

K. Gavin Brooks is a landscape painter known for atmospheric landscape compositions of coastal themes and pastoral vistas. Layering a foundation of drawing and classical atelier training with a more contemporary painting approach she emerged with a unique style where luminosity and some elements of abstraction are united in a range of compositions.

Her emphasis is on light and value relationships through design, tonal unity and the decisive use of neutrals to support luminosity . Gavin is driven by a pursuit for elegant and modern presentation of the purely emotional elements in nature. “I especially like humidity, weather and miles of air for the effects contrast and color in the outdoors”.

Gavin does not define herself as a plein air painter as she has always considered her outdoor practice as fundamental source material for her in-depth studio works. In front of the big easel, the outdoor practice drives a vision for statement and mood. She calibrates values against a series of outdoor reference sketches“blocked in” to capture the mood she wants to build upon. Using a process of reconstruction she forces depth and perspective, controls the areas of light and sets a mood through deliberate editing. The studio works contain impasto over glazes of thinned color and half-pastes in areas she wants to orchestrate. The artist relies on a strong visual memory and attention to nature through observation and understanding. “My paintings are becoming more about the poetic aspect of nature and are becoming less narrative” I try to distinguish what features to include and even these are redesigned and altered to deliver the mood of the moment ”

Gavin Brooks lived for most of her life in the upper counties of Maryland with her family. She recently moved to Laguna Beach, California. There she paints and travels to exhibit, teach, lecture and study the landscape throughout the year. Her works are private collections, museums and galleries nationally.
Gavin is an Artist Member of the California Art Club, a Signature Member of the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association and a selected artist for the Crystal Cove Alliance in 2013.









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Montecito Mountain View
36 x 60 Oil SOLD

Cloudy Evening, Goleta Slough
30 x 40 Oil SOLD


Evening Regatta 40 x 40 Oil

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